AB Testing – Episode 55

It’s the double-nickel episode of AB Testing. Included in today’s ramblings are:

  • Alan and Brent talk about graduate school, and learning in general, as well as our thoughts on Dr. Seuss’s greatest works
  • Our sponsor, Techwell, is offering a $250 discount on upcoming software training classes in Boston and Chicago using the promo code 17ABW – or go directly to https://well.tc/17ABW
  • We discuss a #mailbag question on balancing intuition with data

AB Testing – Episode 51

It’s our 2016 end-of-year extravaganza – if extravaganza means Brent and Alan randomly talking about their favorite software moments of 2016.

We also recorded our 2017 predictions…but audio went haywire, so we’ll have to wait for a re-hash of that topic in early 2017.




Blog Posts:



– 99% invisible
– TED Radio Hour

AB Testing – Episode 48

Live from Test Bash in Philadelphia, this is VAMP Testing with three of the three (Vernon Richards (@testerfromleic), Michael Richards (@saltygunner), and Perze Ababa (@perze)).

We discuss sessions at TestBash along with the appropriate number of tangents.

The Cast:

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