bookmark_borderFive for Friday – January 27, 2023

Like last week, this week has had some ups and downs. In between the long days and questionable decisions, I found (or was sent) a few links that I liked.

  • In an almost regular feature of FfF, I’ll start by sharing my favorite article on avoiding burnout this week. How To Make 2023 Your Year of No Burnout
  • This article – When Your Feelings Conflict with Your Leadership Role – hit home with me. A lot to learn here for a lot of us.
  • I watched the first two episodes of The Last of Us on Sunday. I didn’t think I’d like it, because I generally don’t like movies based on video games, but holy shit is it good.
  • If you’ve already seen the first two episodes, you should read more about in this all-to-real article on The Cordyceps fungus in this sort of haunting article (thanks Molly for the link)
  • I saw the new Avatar movie recently. While the plot and story are…ok, it’s definitely worth the experience in IMAX 3D. It’s also cool that it’s nominated for an Oscar in visual effects (which are made with Unity W?t? tools)

Thanks again for reading – see you all next week.

bookmark_borderFive for Friday – January 20, 2022

This was…not one of my favorite weeks. Other than a few long walks with the dog, I’m taking a light weekend to see if I can get my head back on straight. Here are a few things I read this week you may find interesting.

Thanks again for reading – have a good week.

bookmark_borderFive for Friday – January 13, 2023

It’s Friday the 13th. I’m not sure what that means, but we’ll see how the rest of the day goes. Here are a few links I found this week that are worth sharing.

That’s it for this week (for this blog, at least). As usual, thanks for reading, and have a safe weekend.

bookmark_borderFive for Friday – January 6, 2023

Happy New Year everyone! It was great to have a break, but I bet you can’t wait to see what bits of the internet I’ve uncovered for you.

Or you’re here to see if I’m going to get people on linkedin angry at me again. Either way – here are some links to things I’ve enjoyed recently.

  • Speaking of Linkedin, a colleague of mine shared a great post this week on how she managed our planning process for 2023. She makes it sound easy, but from the front lines, she was a jedi master of organization and cat herding.
  • A lot of companies are trying to get people to come back to the office – but it’s just not happening. This article on how Remote Work Is Poised to Devastate America’s Cities is on point, and something I’ve been thinking a lot about.
  • Will Larson (author of An Elegant Puzzle and Staff Engineer) shared his thoughts on Measuring an engineering organization
  • I’ve been playing with Whisper from OpenAI for voice transcriptions, and it’s sort of amazing. It doesn’t separate speakers (as far as I can tell), so I can’t quite use it for AB Testing Podcast transcriptions, but it’s still pretty cool.
  • Finally, a fantastic article on Things they didn’t teach you about Software Engineering. Especially remember this – (and replace “code” with any aspect of software delivery) – Code is secondary. Business value is first.

Thanks again for reading – see you next week. Don’t forget to check out my old-school opinionated blog posts on substack

bookmark_borderFive for Friday – December 16, 2022

Last FfF of 2022 while I take a few weeks off to rest and recover before starting it all over again in 2023.

Thanks again for reading, and I look forward to more sharing next year. If you missed the note last week, I want to start blogging again, an want to pre-rebuild a community first – so sign up here if you want to read longer form opinions and rants. I added an introductory post last week, and will start delivering regularly in 2023.

bookmark_borderFive for Friday – December 9, 2022

Back for another week of random links. I’ll skip linking to interesting chat bots, because maybe a chat bot wrote this post…

But probably not.

That’s all for this week – thanks for reading.

Oh – and if you missed it on twitter, I want to start blogging again, but want to pre-rebuild a community first, so sign up here if you want to read longer form opinions and rants – you know, like the old days.

bookmark_borderSix for Saturday – December 3, 2022

Friday got away from me again. Between World cup soccer and budget exercises, my brain blew up. I feel a bit better today, and have a few interesting posts to share.

Time to go watch some more soccer – have a great week.

bookmark_borderFive for Friday – November 25, 2022

Short work week this week, but I still found a few things worth sharing – but to be honest, I’ve watched 6-8 hours of world cup soccer every day this week (and will continue for the next few days until I only watch 4 hours a day).

  • We can lead with the thing that gives me great joy every 4 years – the World Cup. I found an interesting article on predicting the world cup winners in python. Too early to know if it’s right or not, but (spoiler alert) I could have predicted France and Brazil as likely finalists without writing any code at all.
  • Other than watching world cup, eating, and sleeping the only other thing I’ve done over the past few days is read Escaping the Build Trap by Melissa Perri. It’s been on my Kindle for a while – and I’m bummed I waited to read it. It is so freaking good – and it made me realize how much good Product Management aligns with the Modern Testing Principles (likely more on that in the next AB Testing Podcast)
  • CNN did a nice article on what we’re doing with live sports at Unity. Sport like you’ve never seen it before.
  • In this week’s installment of “how bad is the twitter dumpster fire”, there’s this post – Why Twitter Didn’t Go Down: From a Real Twitter SRE
  • I’ve been trying to catch up on my backlog of podcasts. I’m a huge fan of the Smartless podcast – the hosts are funny, but they have fantastic guests. A few weeks ago, Joe Biden was on the show. For the haters out there who may read my blog, I suggest you give it a listen. He’s smart, witty, and gives a pretty damn good interview.

That’s all I have. Time to go to bed so I can get up at 2:00am for Tunisia vs. Australia.

bookmark_borderFive for Friday – November 18, 2022

Time is a blur. I know today is Friday, because todoist reminded me to post a FfF post – something I recently realized I’ve done for over 5 years now. That’s like….math…a bunch of links. Hopefully you found a few of these helpful, interesting, or worth reading. Here’s this week’s batch.

That’s all for this week – and probably next week too. With American Thanksgiving, I will probably forget that Friday is Friday, but we’ll see what happens. Talk at me on twitter if you have questions.

bookmark_borderSix for Saturday – November 12, 2022

Yesterday was a bit of a blur, and FfF fell off the map. But – as has happened (at least) once before, the Saturday makeup is a six-pack of interesting things that I think you may find interesting as well.

  • You have to check out Programming Helper – you type (in english) what you want to do, and it generates code in the language of your choice. It works remarkably well – even on more complex ideas.
  • A wonderful article from The Atlantic on What Managers Can Do About Burnout
  • A colleague shared this great article from Rob Lambert on prioritization – If we’re doing this, we’re not doing that
  • Back when I was writing more, I remember reading advice that said (paraphrased), “Every time you want to use the word ‘very’ in your writing, replace it with ‘damn’. That way your editor will remove it for you”. This is still good advice, but if you want to choose an even better adjective, try out this site that helps you lose the very
  • I don’t point y’all to podcasts very often, but the recent Dev Interrupted podcast w/ Charity Majors was very good marvelous
  • It’s no secret that Twitter is a mess right now. For any Twitter employees reading this, my heart goes out to you. While there’s no single article that can sum up with chaos, my personal favorite is this collection of the 7 funniest imposter tweets from Twitter’s check mark fiasco

Thanks for your patience (and thanks for reading). See you next week.