AB Testing – Episode 88: Testing Isn’t Dead (Testers, OTOH…)

It’s the last of our deep-dive series on Modern Testing Principles. This time, we discuss the (sometimes controversial) principle number 7:

We expand testing abilities and knowhow across the team; understanding that this may reduce (or eliminate) the need for a dedicated testing specialist.

Not too many tangents this time. Next time, we’ll get caught up on the mailbag, so if you have questions, let us know.

AB Testing – Episode 87: The One About Data

On to the next principle in our deep dive series. Principle Number 6 says:

We use data extensively to deeply understand customer usage and then close the gaps between product hypotheses and business impact.

Note that episode 82 makes a nice listening companion.

AB Testing – Episode 86: Not the Customer’s Champion

We’re back to discuss another of the modern testing principles.

We believe that the customer is the only one capable to judge and evaluate the quality of our product

Discussions include a brief discussion of the Kin phone from Microsoft.

Finally – if you missed it, the Modern Testing AMA recording is here.

AB Testing – Episode 84: Stories about Changes and Nets

On to Principle number 3 (full list at moderntesting.org).

We are a force for continuous improvement, helping the team adapt and optimize in order to succeed, rather than providing a safety net to catch failures.

As promised in the show, there will be an AMA on Modern Testing hosted by Ministry of Test on July 10. Register Here.