A Very Important Podcast Announcement

Hi folks – if you are seeing this message, you are, unfortunately, missing out.

For (reasons), I recently migrated the AB Testing Podcast to Anchor.fm. I set up a redirect that worked in many but definitely not all places.

iTunes / Apple Podcasts has been slow to update the feed, and I expect a lot of custom feeds are based on that. However, I expect that feed to update imminently. This post will disappear once. that happens.

If needed, please point your podcast apps directly at this rss feed. If you have any questions, or things aren’t working, feel free to drop me a note at abtesting at angryweasel dot com.

AB Testing – Episode 125: P* Management and ATAOSQ

Just Brent and Alan this week. We talk about how Program Management can help with Modern Testing and Accelerating the Achievement of Shippable Quality…

…but mostly Alan tries to explain to Brent that Product Management is different than Program Management, no matter what titles Microsoft use.

Worth reading on the topic: https://leanpub.com/agileprogrammanagement