5 thoughts on “AB Testing – Episode 22

  1. I have some listener feedback that might give you more insight with your download/streaming data that you were discussing in this episode. Until I checked your site this morning, I wasn’t aware that all of the episodes are still available to listen to.

    Prior to now I didn’t bother to look at your site; I just looked at the RSS feed, which only has the 10 most recent episodes in it. If you put all 22 episodes in the RSS feed you might see the download stats change. There are probably more people out there like me who are lazy and just want to put episodes on an mp3 player from the feed.

    As a new listener, I started listening to the most recent episode first (21 at the time) and working backward since it didn’t look like episode 1 was still available.

  2. I’m only on episode 22 so I don’t know if listener download insights have been discussed further however.
    I don’t believe that downloads are the same as listens in your metrics. I believe most podcast players have both download and subscribe options which auto download the first 3 to 5 episodes of a podcast.
    In other words I suspect that the first 4 episodes are much higher because someone like me said “I work in QA, have a long commute and need to stay relevant. A testing podcast would help my commute pass quickly and be educational… WOW! There aren’t very many podcasts on testing… Here’s one that sounds good!”
    Then they his subscribe on their phone which auto downloads the first four episodes. At this point you won’t see another download from the specific user until they find the time to finish what they have downloaded or they restore their phone.
    I personally am still catching up on the episodes from before my kids went on summer break.
    I also predict that new downloads will decrease just before school start and won’t pick-up again until for at least 2 months.

    I’m responding because you were clearly on the measure step and I would hate for you to learn from and adjust your format based on the assumption that there is something wrong with episode five.

    Thanks for the podcast there is a lot of good stuff in there.

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