AB Testing – Episode 27

In their patented pattern of pure randomness, Alan and Brent talk about the context-driven school of testing, the video music awards, upcoming test conferences, and pointy-haired managers!

Errata: Lessons learned…came out in 2001 (not 2003 as Alan guessed on the show).

A link to Ioana’s awesome CAST talk is here

5 thoughts on “AB Testing – Episode 27

  1. The link to the CAST talk is actually pointing to a TeamStats page. Could we get the link corrected?

    And now I’m intrigued as to what relevant stats are getting tracked in TeamStats…

  2. Hey Alan and Brent,

    It looks like the podcast metadata was filled as ‘Episode 28’ instead of ‘Episode 27’.

    Besides that everything is as awesome as usual.

    Keep rocking!

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