AB Testing – Episode 37

Live, on the air, we reply to a tweet that kicks off oneofthethree.slack.com.

And then Brent (inspired by Patrick Prill  aka @testpappy) asks Alan to define Quality, Testing, Test Cases, Testers, Integration Testing, and a few other terms that are difficult to define for most of the three, including (especially?) Alan.

4 thoughts on “AB Testing – Episode 37

  1. Hi guys,

    you made my day, and maybe many more, by having a whole episode inspired by my TestBash talk. And I’m very glad that the examples I picked triggered the discussion you had. That was my intention, and I’m honored that you discussed them in your podcast. For my very first conference talk that is an amazing outcome.
    Dan Ashby, who wrote a great blog post just the day before the conference, also asked why I was not referring to the 5 stages of ignorance, but as my inspiration came from Prof. Firestein and I had only 30 minutes, I wanted to set a different focus. The DIKW pyramid was the missing piece of the puzzle that I needed to get a good flow, and thanks to your podcast I listened to on the way to TestBash, I found it.

    Danke schön!
    Patrick, a happy #oneofthethree

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