AB Testing – Episode 97: Questions About Developers and Tests

An all mailbag show where we talk about skills needed by testers today, how to get developers to write tests, and hiring.

Register for Brent’s AST webinar on Thursday – https://www.associationforsoftwaretesting.org/2019/01/23/webinar-building-a-data-centric-modern-quality-culture-with-brent-jensen/

AB Testing – Episode 95: The 2018 Reflection / Prediction Show

Happy Holidays to each and everyone of our three listeners. We review and reflect on 2018, and talk about some things we think may happen in 2019. Listen all the way to the end for a cliffhanger from Brent.

Thanks again for listening – in 2019, we will hit episode 100, our 5 year podacting anniversary, and the one year anniversary of the Modern Testing Principles. We look forward to more exciting discussions in 2019.

AB Testing – Episode 88: Testing Isn’t Dead (Testers, OTOH…)

It’s the last of our deep-dive series on Modern Testing Principles. This time, we discuss the (sometimes controversial) principle number 7:

We expand testing abilities and knowhow across the team; understanding that this may reduce (or eliminate) the need for a dedicated testing specialist.

Not too many tangents this time. Next time, we’ll get caught up on the mailbag, so if you have questions, let us know.