AB Testing – Episode 74: Where in the World is the Weasel?

First show of 2018, with a variety of topics that are all mostly about Modern Testing. Items of note include the State of Testing survey, podcast plans for 2018, Alan’s presentation schedule, and the usual amount of tangents.



AST Webinar (Alan presenting)

State of Testing Survey

AB Testing – Episode 73: 2017 Year in review and Predictions episode

It’s the 2017 year end extravaganza with discussions about 2017, thoughts and predictions about 2018, and more…including…

The AB Testing Merchandise shop – http://cafepress.com/abtesting

And, sign up for Audible with AB Testing



We’ll be back in 2018.

AB Testing – Episode 69

We had a brief break in recording, but we’re back with another fun-filled fifty minutes where we take mailbag questions on the pros and cons of ISTQB certification, the impact of easy-to-create GUI tests on the testing pyramid, and whether or not you really need a data scientist.

AB Testing – Episode 66

A bit of a follow up episode with more management advice. We talk about how to give feedback to our employees and about frameworks and approaches we like for giving that feedback.


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