AB Testing – Episode 82: Brent Talks to Alan About Data

We are already taking an interlude from principle deep-dives to reflect a bit on the episode 81 feedback, and for Brent and Alan to have short (but in depth) discussion on how to get started creating actionable metrics.

We’ll be back to Modern Testing principles in episode 83.

AB Testing – Episode 78: Digging in on Modern Testing Principles

We don’t reiterate the Principles directly (see the Episode 77 show notes for that), we talk a lot about how we are adapting the principles slightly based on feedback and discussions with the three – and how much better the principles are for the effort.

We also discover that both Brent and Alan love to cook. Or at least they both finally realize that each other likes to cook.

AB Testing – Episode 77: The Conception of the Modern Testing Principles

We discuss, vet, and rewrite (and not for the last time), the Modern Testing Principles. These are a work in progress, but we’re happy to share the current final form.

Listen to the podcast to hear these developed in real time.

  1. The customer is the only one suitable to judge and evaluate the quality of our software
  2. We apply the theory of constraints to identify, prioritize and mitigate bottlenecks from the system (and accelerate the team).
  3. We are not the safety net for software correctness – we focus on improving the business, and not the code.
  4. We are responsible for the quality culture of our team, and are accountable for helping and coaching the team in this regard.
  5. We use data to deeply understand customer usage and customer pain.
  6. Embrace continuous improvement, and help the team adapt and optimize in order to solve customer pain
  7. We strive to reduce or eliminate the need for a dedicated testing specialist on our teams by increasing testing abilities and knowhow across the team.

AB Testing – Episode 74: Where in the World is the Weasel?

First show of 2018, with a variety of topics that are all mostly about Modern Testing. Items of note include the State of Testing survey, podcast plans for 2018, Alan’s presentation schedule, and the usual amount of tangents.



AST Webinar (Alan presenting)

State of Testing Survey

AB Testing – Episode 73: 2017 Year in review and Predictions episode

It’s the 2017 year end extravaganza with discussions about 2017, thoughts and predictions about 2018, and more…including…

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We’ll be back in 2018.