AB Testing – Episode 108: Lack of Testers vs. Lack of Testing

it’s a mailbag show, where we talk about whether or not bugs in Windows 10 are due to a lack of a test team, and how you can apply MT principles if you’re a consultant asked to write automation.

Once again, the audio isn’t awesome, but quality debugging continues.

AB Testing – Episode 107: A Plethora of Principles

Good news: We have a new episode!
Bad News: I am doomed to never having another podcast without audio issues. My mic cable must have been lying across the speakerphone in the conference room, as it was picking up a massive amount of static. I was able to remove the static (you’ll thank me), but removing the noise also put my voice into a toilet bowl for the first 10 minutes of the podcast. There’s a little bit of static in the end, but shouldn’t be too annoying.

In this episode, we take a look at Testing Principles from Aaron Hodder and Luke Liu.

AB Testing – Episode 105: A World of Modern Testing

Heads up – our technical producer (me) messed up levels and microphone choice and we ended up with a little bit of bleed between microphones that ends up not meeting our normally high quality standards. The next one will be better.

For content, we talk a lot about what we’re seeing in the industry that looks and smells like Modern Testing.

AB Testing – Episode 102: Modern Testing takes on UI Automation

Alan recently took some heat on Twitter for disliking Selenium – or more accurately, how it was being used. This episode is a discussion and expansion of why Alan and Brent both have strong feelings about the industry infatuation with UI testing.